Text Box: Sauerkraut Supper


Volunteer Recruitment begins in late November.

Call the church office if you have questions or want to help!


Late November:

* Cabbage cutting



* Ticket sales begin



* Volunteer Recruitment

* Food shopping

* Pie donations begin

* Butter donations begin


Week of the supper:

* Sausage twisting

* Applesauce making

* Hall set-up


Day of the supper:

* Sausage cooking

* Go-fer (runner)

* Sauerkraut cooking

* Food dishing

* Potato mashing

* Pie co-ordinator

* Dish Washing

* Kitchen helper (Age 10-12)

* Youth Server (13-17)

* Dining Room Co-ordinator


And much more!





The Sauerkraut Supper is a tradition at Trinity that is older than living memory!

Date: February 6, 2016 Preparations begins with cabbage cutting for home-made sauerkraut late November or early December 2015.

It is the largest fundraiser of the year for the youth group, but we need dozens and dozens of volunteers to make it happen.

Whether you are willing to set up tables, cook, serve, wash, supervise, make phone calls, bake pies, or purée potatoes with a power drill, there is a job for you here.

Anyone who has been involved with Sauerkraut Supper will tell you how much fun we have, in spite of the work!